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Thursday, June 29, 2006


We are off to Florida tomorrow to visit my parents for the 4th. I hope to take some pictures of the "up and coming" design district, and visit the shops on Lincoln road. (Lincoln Rd. is cool pedestrian strip with everything from art galleries to the Gap). Maybe I'll find a spot of beach that does not have a condo on it to set up an umbrella and apply 45 sunblock in an effort to maintain my Brooklyn pallor.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Trash Luxe

Continuing the trash luxe thread from homocorps, I thought I would take a look at a trend dubbed the same in NY magazine re: Brooklyn. NY Metro followed the trail that gave low brow thematic furniture and accessories a second life with an ironic application of luxe materials and techniques. The timeline follows the first Brooklyn Design show to Jason Miller's antler lamps and duct tape chair.

I am a big Jonathan Adler fan. In my humble opinion, I think Jon A was a key player in the trash luxe movement taking granny furniture from stodgy and tired to upscale chic with an injection of color and wit. Originally hailing from Jersey, his aesthetic is retirement Miami meets South Beach.

Kelly Wearstler in LA has a similar, if not a bit more haute aesthetic. She rescues Louis XIV chairs from flea markets and revives them with colorful, modern fabrics.

Taking the trend to Brooklyn, designers Jason Miller, Tobias Wong and Hivemind Design added NY sarcasm and a hint of the absurd to the mix. Using irony and the idea that "trash" either in the class or refuse sense, is treasure- these designers came up with the following

Jason Miller Duct Tape Chair, Antler Lamp, cracked vase, porcelain cupcake and permanent dust table. Photo from NY Mag

Tobias Wong Bullet Proof Rose
Just plain cool.

HiveMind Design Stag Mirror
The Stag mirror by HiveMind design took the hunting and camping theme and made it resplendent and soft with the etched baroque feeling.

The above designs upped the anti adding a dose of NY art school conceptual to the trash is treasure idea. Miller has the most fun with it, and his experience working with Jeff Koons is evident in his table that looks like it is covered in dust. The cracked vase with exagerrated flaws is also notable. I am not so keen on the $5k duct tape chair, but the idea is cool.

More on modern Brooklyn designers in the coming weeks.

Monday, June 26, 2006

CBGB's last homocorps

Where do you go if you prefer leather to feathers for pride weekend?
CBGB's for some of this!!!

As many of you may know CBGB's is closing this fall. I am part of a film that is documenting the last days, so I spent Saturday night capturing the very last, very fab- HOMO*CORPS.

The organizer and headlining act was Dean Johnson of The Velvet Mafia. His six foot seven (sans heels) sculptural frame was swathed in a wet look black dress and large pearly baubles. As he danced the pearls moved in opposition to his hips.

Also in attendance were the The Gay Pimp - Jonny Mcgovern With Adam Joseph, who had the crowd squealing like Gucci little piggies.

I am tickled to have shared the night with a great crowd and god-awful drinks. (We love you anyway barstaff) More on the documentary in the coming weeks.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pretty Things

This is part of PS 33 behind the Key Food on Fifth. It's on Quisenbury Drive/Gregory Place.

I love the sinuous curves of the stone railing on these buildings. There is something about the combination of the stone, moss, rain and the lines that create an ambiance. It feels mythic, and for some strange reason I think of Jim Henson's movie the Dark Crystal.

A lovely stained glass window in a church on Prospect Place


Meet Beryl, former home of the Ebay guy on 6th Between Bergen and Dean. It is an eclectic little shop that peddles pillows, jewelry, and handbags. Methinks they hope to takeover the Castor and Pollux traffic, despite a different aesthetic. They are often closed during the week, but I will try to get the scoop on their wares next week.

Work has begun on the former home of Mama Dukes restaurant on the corner of Bergen and Flatbush. Rumor has it that the landlords at Pintchik raised the rent making it impossible for P-Diddy's ma to stay. Pintchik says that's not the case. I secretly hope this becomes a lovely coffee shop with wi-fi and plush couches where I can hole up and blog with a cup of russian caravan tea and a cranberry scone...It's a wee space, so that seems unlikely, but a girl can hope. Dreams may be dashed however as it seems that a Dunkin' Donuts may be coming up the street on Flatbush.

Adam's Books on Bergen between Fifth and Flatbush is a quaint used bookshop where Adam, I presume, can be found reading daily. The setup feels like a great college bookstore with free standing shelves and a casual atmosphere.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Generation Gentrification-Prospect Heights

I have lived on Dean Street for a year and a half, and in that time the Underberg building has come down and two residences have gone up on Dean. For more on Underberg and pre-demolition Flatbush visit Forgotten NY.

Here is a shot of the Corner of Flatbush and Atlantic today:

Does anyone know what's up with this building on Flatbush and Dean? It's been vacant as long as I can remember.

Some new development on Dean. I believe that some of the brownstoner public might label this one a Fedderite. Despite the absence of A/C units, Fedderite has come to mean heinous fortress of freshly built brick business.

This one on Dean and Carlton looks more promising, and has sexy innards. Got the scoop on these?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Super Bigtime Daddy

While it has nothing to do with Brooklyn, its too good to miss. He's the orange slice retro super bigtime daddy. This video was posted on You Tube by Gregory. Gregory is a fellow Apartment Therapy fan who's apartment will be featured on "Small Space Big Style".

Brooklyn Blogfest!

As I am new to blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to get out and see some of my favorite Brooklyn Bloggers chat about what they do at Blogfest.
There was a great turnout, and despite the heat the crowd was lively hootin' and a hollerin' when their favorites got up to the mic.

In attendance: (Thanks for your insight all!)

Brownstoner - Brownstoner was mysterious, disguised with a trucker hat and glassless frames in order to keep his day job. (We love you brownstoner!) He also spoke about his new site The Brooklyn Record which is our guide to what's happening around town.

Design*Sponge I am envious of the ever stylish Grace. She was able to quit her day job to become the voice of modern design in the blogosphere and in print. Last evening young Grace donned a smart white summer dress with a red belt. A personal favorite combination. Yay.

Daily Heights
Daily Heights is leaving town?! THE HORROR.We may need to fill the void. Find their new site here

A Brooklyn Life Mixed CD's, hurrah! Coupled with A Brooklyn Record this site provides the skinny on what's happening in Brooklyn.

Atlantic Yards Report This issue is close to our hearts and our home. We are on Dean Street, and the only building to survive once Ratner begins construction.

Gowanus Lounge Shout out to Gowanus Lounge for Blogging us!! Thanks so much for recognizing the blog.

Dope on the Slope
Shout out to Dope for commenting on the site!

The View From Here

I heart Prospect Heights. Future Home of Ratnerville.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baby Suit

This is Phillip Toledano's Babysuit. It is an apt representation of my procreation nightmares of late. All of the potential Chuckies and their flesh eating plasti-mouths make me want to claw at my face.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Lately if I come accross something in a creamy shade of yellow or green I LIKE IT. ALOT. Bryan Kerrigan is an artist who makes architectural tile in Chicago. Apartment Therapy posted this today and I just want to cocoon up in one of those seafoamy green pop dots.

I am also loving the Dwell Trellis Sheets and Duvet in Butter. In fact, I got them in the mail today and can't wait to put them on the bed.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


The internet's 6 degrees of seperation clicking leads to some amazing discoveries. I was out house-hunting this afternoon and googled the address of one of the open houses. One link led to another and I found Julie Peppito, who created the above pieces. They struck me in that they look delicious-candy colored sweets I want to swallow without chewing. Yet on closer inspection they are morbid representations of excess called "Wound and Virus". Perfect Irony. Wonderous. Chocolate and Bile.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

House Hunters

A favorite pastime when not drooling in front of the tv is wandering Brooklyn neighborhoods for hours. Whenever we pass a building that strikes me I stop to escape into daydreams of what my life would be like inside. The first house is a fairy vision of willy wonka meets Betsy Johnson. In the second, a cape cod afternoon would be spent on the porch sipping boozy lemonades. Finally the limestone building with surrounding greenery would contain a french bulldog with bat ears and several little ones in white eyelet dresses.

Candace and Tal's Whimsical Nest

When we are not watching "Face Eating Tumor" on Discovery Channel, I am surfing blogs for great new design to furnish our first place. Here are two of my favorites Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge. We even entered a contest on Apartment Therapy a few months back. Above are a few pictures from our entry.

This arrived in a package from Drugstore.com the other day. It is baby formula, and in case you are having trouble reading the note it says "I swear I didn't order it! (Someone trying to tell us something perhaps?)". As we have been in discussions about the whole impregnation thing we thought this was kind of funny. Funny not in the haha way, but in the cosmic delivery of requirements for an as yet unconceived baby's survival kind of way.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I Committed

Today I committed to creating a blog. I was panicked and pit sweat stained and it took a full 40 minutes to come up with a name but here I am. The original name was Paralysis Analysis, which at this moment would be apt as I am completely faplutttzed coming up with something to talk about.

An introduction would be good. I am a thirty year old woman born on LonGIsland who now resides in Prospect Heights Brooklyn with my companion in Geekdom husband-Tal. He loves me even if I can't stay focused for more than 10 minutes without umpteen interruptions asking why our masterplan to take over the world isn't working.

Tal and I are Media junkies who work in related fields and his mouth waters every time a new gadgety thing comes out. I am less interested in the gadgety thing itself, and more interested in why I didn't come up with that...