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Monday, June 26, 2006

CBGB's last homocorps

Where do you go if you prefer leather to feathers for pride weekend?
CBGB's for some of this!!!

As many of you may know CBGB's is closing this fall. I am part of a film that is documenting the last days, so I spent Saturday night capturing the very last, very fab- HOMO*CORPS.

The organizer and headlining act was Dean Johnson of The Velvet Mafia. His six foot seven (sans heels) sculptural frame was swathed in a wet look black dress and large pearly baubles. As he danced the pearls moved in opposition to his hips.

Also in attendance were the The Gay Pimp - Jonny Mcgovern With Adam Joseph, who had the crowd squealing like Gucci little piggies.

I am tickled to have shared the night with a great crowd and god-awful drinks. (We love you anyway barstaff) More on the documentary in the coming weeks.


Blogger Dope on the Slope said...

The dude in the second photo bears a slight resemblance to Prince in the early 80s.

6/28/2006 2:22 PM  

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