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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Meet Beryl, former home of the Ebay guy on 6th Between Bergen and Dean. It is an eclectic little shop that peddles pillows, jewelry, and handbags. Methinks they hope to takeover the Castor and Pollux traffic, despite a different aesthetic. They are often closed during the week, but I will try to get the scoop on their wares next week.

Work has begun on the former home of Mama Dukes restaurant on the corner of Bergen and Flatbush. Rumor has it that the landlords at Pintchik raised the rent making it impossible for P-Diddy's ma to stay. Pintchik says that's not the case. I secretly hope this becomes a lovely coffee shop with wi-fi and plush couches where I can hole up and blog with a cup of russian caravan tea and a cranberry scone...It's a wee space, so that seems unlikely, but a girl can hope. Dreams may be dashed however as it seems that a Dunkin' Donuts may be coming up the street on Flatbush.

Adam's Books on Bergen between Fifth and Flatbush is a quaint used bookshop where Adam, I presume, can be found reading daily. The setup feels like a great college bookstore with free standing shelves and a casual atmosphere.


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