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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Trash Luxe

Continuing the trash luxe thread from homocorps, I thought I would take a look at a trend dubbed the same in NY magazine re: Brooklyn. NY Metro followed the trail that gave low brow thematic furniture and accessories a second life with an ironic application of luxe materials and techniques. The timeline follows the first Brooklyn Design show to Jason Miller's antler lamps and duct tape chair.

I am a big Jonathan Adler fan. In my humble opinion, I think Jon A was a key player in the trash luxe movement taking granny furniture from stodgy and tired to upscale chic with an injection of color and wit. Originally hailing from Jersey, his aesthetic is retirement Miami meets South Beach.

Kelly Wearstler in LA has a similar, if not a bit more haute aesthetic. She rescues Louis XIV chairs from flea markets and revives them with colorful, modern fabrics.

Taking the trend to Brooklyn, designers Jason Miller, Tobias Wong and Hivemind Design added NY sarcasm and a hint of the absurd to the mix. Using irony and the idea that "trash" either in the class or refuse sense, is treasure- these designers came up with the following

Jason Miller Duct Tape Chair, Antler Lamp, cracked vase, porcelain cupcake and permanent dust table. Photo from NY Mag

Tobias Wong Bullet Proof Rose
Just plain cool.

HiveMind Design Stag Mirror
The Stag mirror by HiveMind design took the hunting and camping theme and made it resplendent and soft with the etched baroque feeling.

The above designs upped the anti adding a dose of NY art school conceptual to the trash is treasure idea. Miller has the most fun with it, and his experience working with Jeff Koons is evident in his table that looks like it is covered in dust. The cracked vase with exagerrated flaws is also notable. I am not so keen on the $5k duct tape chair, but the idea is cool.

More on modern Brooklyn designers in the coming weeks.


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