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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

110 Livingston Street Unveiled

We, who are counted among a select (read large) group of Very Important Persons (read one of many to sign up online), made our way to 110 Livingston for the Grand presentation by a man who's system was clearly trying to metabolize an extraordinary amount of caffeine. He apologized if he sounded robotic, claiming that he has been putting in 17 hour days and running on loopy.

Our first stop in the model was a moment to ponder the hinges on the door to the closet. Per our salesman hinges are important- and he noted they were not fake brass- for he would walk right out the door if he were looking at a place that had fake brass hinges because they indicate shoddy construction on the rest of the building.

While the above mentioned man babbled Bosch, Viking, Washer Dryer... I eyeballed the space Superman style building floorplans and specs in my head.
Everything seemed shiny and new with West Elm, and DWR furnishings. Here are pics of some of the interior furnishings in the model apartment. For the full experience, picture sitting on the couch across from a flat panel TV. Ambient electronic music plays as images of the building and lifestyle flash onscreen.

The bathroom seemed a bit small, they separated the shower and bath which ate up some sq footage. Our friendly salesmen did have many floorplans to show us (from a very large prospectus book) ranging from small living rooms and larger bedrooms, to large 2 bedroom 2 bath spaces with nice sized living rooms for around 800K depending on the floor. For an 1100 sq ft space this seems mighty reasonable for the Brooklyn Heights area.

One catch, the tax abatement doesn't kick in until year 2, which has you looking at a $1500 monthly nut on top of your mortgage. There's the clincher friends. And so its not for us. But for some the NY Times"Playing the Sex Card" article has me wondering about if those sexy hinges will move anyone...

Fun Fact: The entry to the current sales office will be the entrance for a theatre (plays) attached to the building. How's that for panache? Two Trees Management has recently completed the wireless project in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and now they are dabbling in thespian interests....


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