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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Culture Clash

While I considered living in Florida for a nanosecond, the last visit put me in the just can't do it camp. While there are plenty of things that make Florida attractive, there is something missing. Or rather something that can't be taken away. Like the tackiness factor. Strip malls and lemon haired ladies wearing Guccipradalicious. Diamante studded denim, tweaked noses and fake boobies on leather faced highball carrying seniors.

Florida is like Los Angeles after too many cigarettes and long weekends in Vegas.

My saving grace after pastel overload was a store called Base that housed dolls by Camille Rose Garcia. Garcia creates gothic cartoonish cupie dolls. A good counterpoint to the plastic outside...

Another great surprise was found lining the floors of Base. These leaf photos were converted to lino tiles and looked perfect in the doll's house. I would love to see how these would look in a funky homeowner's kitchen or bath.


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