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Saturday, July 15, 2006

In a Clinch

Image from Tom Fletcher

Each day I check my 3bikini mail and reply to anyone who says hey. Much to my surprise, after my post on the Atlantic Yards Affordable Housing coverage, I found two emails written by representatives from FCRC and DDDB. They looked so innocent nested one atop the next-seemingly satisfied to live as neighbors in my inbox.

A very likeable and enthusiastic Mr. Francis Morrone, NYU professor, author, and member of DDDB made a bid for my support for DDDB in an email.

Francis writes: "I was one of those DDDB presenters who failed to persuade you, or I guess to get our point across as clearly as we had hoped. By that I mean that no one among us opposes dense development of the Vanderbilt Yards. It is something we have been praying for for years for just the reasons you cite. Unfortunately, the yards themselves represent only a small fraction of the proposed Atlantic Yards site.... It's not a choice between Atlantic Yards and the status quo. It's a choice between responsible and irresponsible development."

Francis we are on the same page. I do not agree with the scale of the project as it stands, but hope to see some good come from development.

The next email in my box was from Jim Stuckey, Executive Vice President and President of Atlantic Yards Development Group. Wow. An EVP from the big baddie is contacting Moi?

Jim Writes: "I read your write up on our affordable housing information center the other night, and appreciate your open-mindedness. I would be happy to tell you and your neighbors more about our development, the potential impacts and benefits, and answer questions that you may have. If this is of interest, please let me know. Thanks."

I do appreciate Mr. Stuckey reaching out as it seems he's willing to answer questions and of course he commended my open-mindedness which makes my liberal art college educated bleeding heart swell.

My goal is to try to remain neutral and make decisions based on information from both sides to determine what is in the best interest of my building, family, and the community.

So let's keep the lines open Jim and Francis! Make the big baddie less big and bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inevitably, if you keep watching closely, you will come around to the DDDB position or something close to it.

Lots of people come in to this thing thinking DDDB and the like are shrill, annoying and unjustified. But the more you look at the the "Atlantic Yards" project and the process by which it is coming together, the more you get to know the people who are organizing the opposition to it, the more you realize that the this project is very wrong and this is not how development should be done in NYC. I've been following for about two years. I've gone through this process myself. And I've seen lots of others go through it as well.

7/16/2006 11:15 AM  
Blogger Dope on the Slope said...

Make sure to ask specific, quantifiable questions when it comes to benefits and risks - from both sides (I am obviously opposed to Ranter's current plan).

How many units?
What is defined as "affordable?"
Who qualifies?
How dense? How does that compare to other areas in New York? More or less dense?
Any sewage impact mitigation planning?
Traffic mitigation planning?

When will the subsidies "pay for themselves" in terms of promised economic benefits to the community?

What recourse do Brooklynites have if the benefits don't materialize?

If for some reason (say, a housing bubble pop) the economics of the project change - does the proportion of affordable housing and office vs. residential change?

When can the first "affordable housing" residents move in?

When can the first market rate residents move in?

You get the idea.

7/17/2006 8:40 PM  
Anonymous t said...

Great! Nice to hear someone has an open mind...Try to keep both of these guys on your line...its always great to hear from the fish's mouth.


7/22/2006 10:00 PM  

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