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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Raw Chicken and Fishes

We spent Sunday at the NY Aquarium ogling various underwater species at length. My favorites were the jellyfish. If I were ever to be in the water with one I would certainly swallow my tongue, but at a safe distance they are the most amazingly enticing and sensuous creatures. We watched the smaller ones for some time as what seemed like saran wrap inflated with water and hundreds of tiny cilia like legs propelled it up and up to the top of the tank and back down. The aquarium had this creepy blue light and ambient alien music playing in the hall of jellies, and I was lulled into a stupor before baby screams and OPC (other people's children) bumping into our knees sent us packing.

Pictured above is the West Coast Sea Nettle, or the Chrysaora Fuscescens. The caption read, "It's sting hurts, but Sea Turtles and Ocean Sun Fish eat them."

Once we left the Aquarium we walked the boardwalk for a time to discover a plethora of raw chicken breasts in their telltale yellow packaging littering the boardwalk. What are people using raw chicken for? Turns out that crabbers (those who aim to catch crabs for dinner) use this as bait in a wire mesh baskets tossed out into the Atlantic. That's wild. What would draw crabs to an animal that has feathers?

Here's what one crabber claims works for him, "raw chicken necks or raw fish heads. Most local grocery stores carry chicken parts you can use for crabbing. Some crabbers swear by bull lips. Others use salted eel. Bait shops and dockside fish markets will also sell you leftover fish heads."

MMMMMMmmmmmmm.......fish heads.


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