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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Runway's Back

My heart leapt out of my chest when the rain turned Project Runway into scattered DirecTV pixels just as the judges were deciding who would be sent home. The first challenge was to use everything in their Atlas apartment to express who they were as designers. Running with scissors!! The contestants scrambled from the roof where they were sipping champagne with Heidi to their rooms where they tore the walls, floors beds, and bathrooms to shreds as fodder for their designs.

There are three NY designers in the bunch, one of whom is from our very own Brooklyn. Allison, a one woman show who designs, styles, and models the clothes for her shoots created a pixie capped sleeve rouched number from curtains.

Malan is representing for LIC Queens, but he is quite the cosmopolitan sophisticate born in Taiwan with an accent from..well...I'm not sure really.

Laura is a coiffed red-headed upper east side lookin' architect and mother of five. She kind of reminds me of Cruella Deville and she created a jacket from a fur rug that I can definitely see Cruella wearing. Except the rug would be puppies.

The finals came down to Robert or Keith, both used Duvet covers to swathe their models in cute modern preppy chic. (although Keith credits a Carole Burnett episode and Robert Westside story as inspirations)

Robert's garment

Keith's garment

This was made from coffee filters. I am absolutely impressed.

Bring on the Wed night fix.


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