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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Spotlight: Dumbo Development

I thought I'd pop over to check in on the progress of the projects in Dumbo and Vinegar hill this weekend. Everything seems to be moving, with new spots cleared for next big thing. Despite the changing face of the neighborhood, the park was full of people enjoying the sun, especially the guy banging away at his bongos wearing the leopard print fez. Despite the impending doom of skyscrapers multiplying like rabbits, the creative spirit is still alive and well. Neighborhood artists covered the construction sites with paint and installation art.

99 Gold

Are we back in Miami again? Nope, this is 99 Gold, a Developer's Group project that the husband thinks looks like a luxury cruise ship docked in cement. The greeny bluey windows and angled balconies make it a bit much for our taste. But its sure come a long way.

The Vista

What's this? Another Corcoran number in Vinegar Hill/Dumbo area? Yes.
No pictures yet as they have not broken ground, but I'd love to see it as the 640/sq ft sounds suprisingly affordable for the area. Methinks it may have to do with location. They seem to be in phase 1 of the releases as there are only 7 apartments listed, perhaps prices will rise?


JCondo is old news. But look how she rises! A sign of the times to come in my neighborhood, JCondo and the Beacon are supa tall. It gives us a real sense of what will happen once Brooklyn goes Manhattan.

85 Adams/The Beacon

The Beacon should be cool, but its not. It looks like it was lifted out of a 3-d rendering program. The windows are little slivers and the cement block above the entry make it look like a cubist jail.

Fulton Landing Condos

Fulton Ferry Condos are my favorites of the bunch. Not that I could afford them. The location isn't perfect overlooking the trash area of the River Cafe-but the proximity to Brooklyn's best pizza and ice cream sell me. It looks like the Developers are really trying to maintain the character of the building, even with the silly shutters. I bet they are fantastic inside.

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