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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Building for Sale on 6th and Bergen

What was once home to Castor and Pollux, is now for sale. I feel better about the fact that the store is no longer baiting me to blow my paycheck daily, though I do have some gorgeous gold leaf shaped earrings and a delicate Phillip Lim top to remember it by.

Here are the specs:
Several weeks ago it was selling for $1.25, but has since been updated to a cool million. The building is a 2 Family Brick, attached on two sides, built in 1931. Each floor above the store has a 1+ br apartment with eat in kitchen, and one full bath each. The store garners an estimated rent roll of $3500/mth.

The only real downside to me is that it is doors down from the police station, where you get to watch the accused being escorted to and from the paddy wagon to their holding cells. There's definitely some good drama witnessed at the window outside the 24hr cell, as we learned last weekend when what we assumed was a girlfriend and her mother berated a captive inmate.

Takers? Call Wendy at (917) 299-0224 I believe she is the owner as it was originally an FSBO, although it may now be represented by a broker.


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