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Sunday, August 20, 2006

City Island Excursion

After a subway ride beginning at the J from Atlantic, switching to the 4 at chambers which ran local, 30 minutes to 125th street, switching to the 6 for another 20 minutes to Pelham, and finally a bus on the BX29- we finally made it to a skinny Island in the Bronx called City Island. Phew.

While I love Brooklyn, we occasionally venture out to audition the burbs for family raising potential. My boss is from City Island. As she is a pretty hip producer lady married to an Irish Brain researcher, we thought the Island may suit us?!

This house sure suits me. It is a quaint story book house with a garden to match. To top it off at the end of the block there is a private beach for the homeowners on the block.

This is a picture of one of the local bars on City Island Avenue reminiscent of the shanty town that the Island used to be. According to Forgotten NY: Since it was first settled in 1761 its lifeblood has been the sea, with shipyards, sailmakers and oystermen predominating. I can see old time sailmakers and fisherman hanging out at this spot smoking hand rolled cigarettes and taking slugs of rum recalling stories of the sea.

We snaked up and down the streets off of City Island Ave for a bit. The selling points are the opportunities to share stories with ship folk, the sweet houses, and year round water views. However, the commute will have me clawing at the bus windows ready to hurl myself over the bridge. Onward....


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