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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cook the Mother Not the Baby

Photo by riomanyi on Flickr via Brooklyn Record.

At a friend's bridal shower this weekend many people approached me asking when we were going to have a baby and I got to thinking about motherhood and how it changes a person. I remembered the battle author Amy Sohn is embroiled in in the blogosphere about the same...

Amy, author of the Mating column in New York Magazine, is having a hard time navigating the Madonna/Whore complex. Let Whore represent cool in the aforementioned complex. Amy claims, "My goal is not to look like a mother so much as a still-young, still-cool person who just happens to have a child" in her NY Magazine article.

She has written for years about love and sex a la Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw. Amy is now a new mother, and as society has a hard time viewing mothers as sex symbols, or even people who have sex (with the exception of our Madonna in whom both can live concurrently forever without question). Amy is trying hard to reconcile her disparate selves. She has transmuted what could be a cute byline du jour Sexy single gal columnist goes milk stained wet t-shirt mama-to Inane author invoking feminism goes vitriolic on stay at home moms. I think Amy's real fear is concern for her career as a sex and mating columnist as she buys into the idea that mother's can't be well rounded, still possessed of sexuality, contributing members of society. Therefore she must fight to retain whatever cool factor earned her a column in the first place by bashing women who embody motherhood.

Mr. Nice Guy
, is a Park Slope dad who's snarky blog response to Amy's attack on the Stay at Home mom is well worth reading. Click here for Mr. Nice Guy's smackdown with Ms. Sohn.

Amy Responds here

Whether or not to rent out my empty womb remains TBD.


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