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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Keur N'Deye -Delicious Senegalese

Tal wanted to try the Viennese place in Fort Greene that was rated highly on some site. Turns out the "ese" we landed at was in fact Senegal-ese, a cool surprise.

Parched from walking in the sun I was ready for some ice cold tap water. My first sip was wild, the water tasted like black licorice. It had been flavored with Anise seed which is used mostly in the foods of Southeast Asia, and apparently Africa.

According to Answers.com, "Anise seeds have been used as a digestive for centuries, and in India they're chewed after a meal not only for digestion but to sweeten breath." Hmm... I can eat spicy food and have lovely breath and a stomach steeled against upset. I like it. Alot.

The next new flavor came from the olive oil dip served with warm crusty bread. It was a pickle and olive relish, more anise seed, and some peppers minced together to create a chunky, fragrant blend of flavors.

Although we played it safe with the main meal, Tal ordered a goat cheese omelet, and I ordered a chicken wrap sandwich, there were interesting bits throughout. My wrap had a spicy orange colored sauce that gave the marinated tender chicken some bite. It was served with a healthy pile of thin fries, and some pear slices. Yum. Tal's omelet had hearts of palm and asparagus mixed in, and a salad on the side.

Don't miss a stop at the shower/sink in the restroom. You turn the traditional looking shower handle in what looks like a stall and from about 5 bamboo spigots water drops from above like rain. I had a little bit of trouble turning it off-I had to go through several intense moments of high water pressure and cursing, but I finally got it, went back to the table, and sipped some licorice water for calm.


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