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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Oracle is Back

The Pintchik time and temperature sign is lit once again after weeks of brownout power saving. I feel like an old friend has returned. I don't wear a watch, so I run on Pintchik time. Not that it helps once I am at the train station, but a quick calculation tells me exactly how late I will be.

In addition to providing time and temperature, there apparently used to be a writer/oracle in residence that answered questions mundane and exotic. There are rumors that back in 2003 Mr. Jonathan Safran Foer was said oracle. See this New Yorker article for more: ORACLE ON FLATBUSH

Today the Oracle was advertising a "meet your mate at Melt" $3 drink special.

One can once again be timely, dressed appropriately, and dating thanks to the return Flatbush Oracle.


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