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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Spotlight P-Heights Newswalk Phase III

The third phase of Newswalk has begun. The Developer, namely Shaya Boymelgreen of Gowanus Village fame, is selling the first floor units which have been unoccupied for 3+ years. We have been waiting for the Certificate Of Occupancy and an amendment to the offering plan for the units to become salable.

The units are divided between two brokers. The lower tier goes to Aguayo Huebner, the original sales team to represent the building, and the big ticket Penthouse units are represented by Sotheby's.

I am unimpressed by the lot of them, expecting more light and air. The Penthouse apartments (irony of PH on the first floor not lost here) are gargantuan, with the most expensive clocking in at $2.7 mil. This space is an oddly laid out long rectangle. Upon entry you are met by a room with no windows they are calling a study. I suppose someone could stick a kid in there if one didn't mind light deprived but well rested little ones. The room seems better suited to be someone's darkened computer lair.

Next you enter the kitchen and dining area with slate like granite on the backsplash and worktop. I'm not a big fan of slate, but the Sotheby's kitchens had an ample grey and pale wood palette- looking to court the sleek tech junkie new construction consumers. You then climb two stairs to a raised area they are calling the living room, but there aren't any windows here so it's a bit gloomy. Finally, you reach the end of a long stretch down two stairs to a rec center, bedroom area and two car garage. Yes, a 2 car garage, in case you have a Hummer or something.

Sadly, the details that make an apartment a big ticket item were overlooked. The wood on one of the glass partition's banisters didn't meet the right way, and you could see the dried glue between the edges. Additionally you could cook an egg on the cement patio today, which makes it virtually unusable in prime patio months. Whoever buys this one has some customizing to do....

I did find a lovely space in apt 110, asking price of $1 million through Aguayo Huebner. The positioning of the apartment off of two gardens in the brownstones across the way is lovely. There is an overhang that shielded the wooden deck from the sun, and picture window like architectural details on the patio made the view from the tiny tiny bedroom just right. I would love to live there if I were never to have kids (no window in second bedroom) and I could while away my days next to the plants drinking tea and reading the paper. It felt almost like a European courtyard. Still there is only one bathroom, but there is central a/c. Too bad its out of my price range. But for anyone who wants to live in Prospect Heights in a full service building, this apartment is my pick.

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