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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tenant Ousting and The Ratner Effect

The landlord of a rent stabilized building on Dean has added cinder blocks to tenant's windows in an effort to evict a hold out occupant who has been in the building since 1967. Said landlord probably hopes to sell the building before the AY construction begins.

The cement blocks and turning off all hot water is meant to make the building so inhospitable that tenant will be forced to leave. One of my Newswalk Neighbors has put the resident in touch with South Brooklyn Legal Services Corp, a group who represents some of the tenants in the footprint of the Ratner AY proposal.

Some legal Stuff:
According to "A Tenant's Guide to New York City's Housing Court"
In most situations, a landlord may not attempt to evict a tenant without first bringing the tenant to court and obtaining a judgment of possession and a warrant of eviction. If your landlord has changed your locks or turned off heat and/or electricity in an attempt to evict you, you may bring an Illegal Lockout Proceeding against your landlord in Housing Court. Under New York State law, a tenant who has been put out or kept out of his or her apartment in an unlawful manner may be entitled to recover triple damages.

I am not sure if the occupants have started court preceedings. Nevertheless they have resorted to grassroots efforts posting this sign in their window:
"We still live here don't lock us in."


Anonymous Ryan Senser said...

Hey Aquarius!

Our movie night at Soda this Sunday is all about this stuff:


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